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31 May, 2013

Colorful Cuisines-A Poem About Food

31 May, 2013

Colorful Cuisines-A Poem About Food

This is a poem my daughter, Akanksha has written for my blog. I love food-both eating and cooking. So, I told her to write a poem which would improve her writing skills as well as be blog-related. So hope you like it! Here goes... (And don't forget to comment or subscribe! Njoy!)

Source: http://smsread.com/blog/aloo-paratha-recipe.html
Colorful Cuisines:

A tomato there, a carrot here I chop,
 In large quantities they are found in the vegetable shop.

Sauces and spices to give some flavour,
To make something delicious it takes only an hour.

Spreading jam all over the bread ,
Paranthas of Indian origin smeared with marmalade.

Fish, eggs, chicken & lamb
Fish, eggs, chicken & lamb
Source: Eat For Health
Fish and eggs and chicken and lamb,
 Into bottles pickles are crammed.

Italian pastas and pizzas topped with olives and cheese,
Indian Pulao topped with peas.

Noodles, rolls, potato chips and burgers,
They are called the heart-attackers.

Coffee has caffeine in it,
Cappuccino (A type of coffee)
Cappuccino (A type of coffee)
Source: Daily Breakfast
 Still for millions it's a hit.

Beverages and drinks in stylish glasses,
 Candies and toffee for children are sweeter than molasses.

Salads and fruits are healthy and nutritious,
 But they make people's shapes gorgeous.

Let's not forget the darling desserts ,
Sugar- coating our life with pleasures.

Puddings and cakes and jellies during dinner,
Source: Pepper Garlic Kitchen
 They certainly make us a winner.

Ice-cream is cold and sweet,
Chocolate, strawberry or any other flavour!

Rasgullas of Bengal are as round as balls,
 But they do not fail to give you cholesterol.

So, you see food is an un-ending topic,
 But, sadly I am autotrophic.

* Pulao is a kind of fragrant rice.
* Autotrophic is a person who eats only greens(vegetables). However, I'm not a vegetarian. :-)


  1. Wow... lovely poem... your daughter is a genius ... carry on...:)

  2. Beautiful way of expression colors, food and what pleases our palates.

  3. Coffee has caffeine in it,
    Still for millions it's a hit.

    loved the above lines ryhming...way to go akhanshka

  4. Beautiful Poem, She is great in writing Rita.

  5. wow talented daughter. very well written..great job.

  6. Wow! Beautiful poem Rita.. Your daughter has done perfect justice to the poem with her lovely words :-)

  7. Cute poem- and I learnt a new word- autotrophic. Your talented daughter should have her own blog; I bet she's learned heaps more from you that she could put into verse :)

  8. Nice poem rita :) Thanks for visiting my blog :)


  9. The little one is so creative Rita :) Lovely poem :)


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