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25 October, 2012

Durgapujor Petpuja

25 October, 2012

This post is about the various types of Authentic Bengali dishes enjoyed by all. I took a photo of a thaali made by me during the pujas, which has almost all basic Bengali dishes. Murgir mangsho, ilish bhape, chingrir malaikari, moong dal, rabri (I've already given the microwaved version recipe),
bhetki macher paturi, fulko luchi, steamed rice, jhurjhure aloo bhaja, begun (Brinjal) bhaja etc. are the most common Bengali dishes. I will post the recipes of most of these items later.

Bengali's Durga Puja Feast
Durga Puja is a festival- mostly celebrated by the Bengalis. It represents the victory of good over evil. Many years ago ashuras started torturing the gods and goddesses who lived in Heaven. But, they could not handle their constant attacks any more. Ten gods with their powers made a new avatar- a lady- Durga. There were several fights between the mighty Mahishasura and Durga Maa. Finally, Durga Ma emerged victorious. Good won over Evil. Ten days of festivity are awaited by all. All year, each and every person waits and wishes for Durga Puja to come. Hoards of street-food, make-up, new fashionable clothes, fun with friends- that's what Pujas are about ! 
This is a one- of a kind festival where caste and class do not matter. Every Bengali( Everyone) comes together and has fun. The last part of the Durga Puja- Sindoor Khela and Bhashan. Everyone throws red gulaal-(powdered colour) on each other and the idol of Durga Maa and her family is immersed in water and allowed to float away. Everyone does become sad as Maa goes away and returns only after a whole year but the festival is worth the wait. 

                                   "  Dhaker Awaj holo Mridu, Mayer hasi holo Mlaan,
            Ebar Mago biday tobe Asche bachchar abar hobe,
 Sabai ke Ma rakhis sukhe, Bijoya hok mishti mukhe!"

So, wishing you all a happy and prosperous life-

              SHUBHO BIJOYA!!

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